The “Choosing Wisely” program – Empower yourself with information.

The American Board of Internal Medicine has launched a new educational initiative called "Choosing Wisely," in an effort to open a dialogue about the rising cost of health care, empower patients, and minimize unnecessary and ineffective medical treatment. From the ABIM Foundation website: Choosing Wisely ® aims to promote conversations between [...]

Find Your Balance

Getting an early start on maintaining and improving your balance can pay dividends later in life. So says this article in a recent issue of the Wall Street Journal. Check it out for some great, simple balance tests and exercises you can do anywhere.

Bhodi Talk

Bhodichitta - a word from Buddhism. What does it mean? According to a recent article from The Huffington Post, bhodi means "awake," "enlightened" or "completely open," and chitta means "mind," but also "heart" or "attitude." So we can define bhodichitta as a completely open heart and mind, which the Dalai [...]

Exercise: It’s never too late, and every little bit helps.

A new study, which will be released in the February issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine, shows that even one hour per week of moderate or vigorous activity in those middle-aged or older can help to prevent major chronic disease, memory loss and physical disability. "Exercise" was defined very [...]

Sleep your way to a cleaner brain.

New research shows that the fluid around your brain and spinal cord, called cerebrospinal fluid (a central focus of any Craniosacral therapy treatment) may help cleanse your brain of toxins and waste products while you sleep. Check out the article here: A good night's sleep scrubs your brain clean.

Craniosacral Therapy and Yoga in the news.

Here's an interesting clip from an interview with the CEO of Aetna health insurance. In it, he discusses utilizing Craniosacral Therapy and yoga to manage severe pain from a ski accident. You can watch the clip here: Aetna interview on MSNBC

What is a “release” in the context of Craniosacral Therapy?

Simply stated, Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle hands-on treatment approach allows tensions deep in the central nervous system to release, so that it can function optimally. By doing this, it also helps every other system in the body relax and self-correct as needed. When doing Craniosacral work, a therapist [...]

Pump up your brain.

We all know how important exercise is for our bodies - it keeps us strong and flexible, keeps our hearts and lungs healthy, and is a great reliever of stress. But did you know it can also increase the size of your brain, and prevent degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer's [...]

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