Link between tailbone dysfunction and headaches (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1) Dr. Upledger writes, “Anterior flexion of the coccyx due to injury is [a] very common cause of cephalgia and pelvic autonomic dysfunction.” (Pp.149-50) Dr. Upledger also notes that “continued stress on the dura in the suboccipital region may cause increased suboccipital muscular tension, which can cause pain, as well as result [...]

Link between tailbone dysfunction and headaches (Part 1)

Dr. John Upledger writes in his textbook, Craniosacral Therapy, “Two very common injuries which adversely influence craniosacral system function, and are often the underlying cause of headache and autonomic dysfunction, are impaction of the sacrum between the ilia, and anterior flexion of the coccyx.” (Pp.148-9.) I recently worked with a patient that demonstrated this relationship [...]