Mini e-book now available: Help! My Tailbone Hurts!…now what?

Mini e-book now available: Help! My Tailbone Hurts!…now what?

New mini e-book now available: Help! My Tailbone Hurts!…now what?

Mini e-book: Help! My Tailbone Hurts! what?Tailbone pain, also referred to as coccydynia, can be debilitating. In over 16 years of practice as a physical therapist, Debbie Turczan has heard many stories from her patients about tailbone pain, some of which have been shocking. What shocks Debbie is not the details of their stories, but the amount of time they have been suffering. Many have been struggling with tailbone pain for years, having never received much information about ways they could find relief. Seeing this scenario over and over in her practice inspired Debbie to make the video Help! My Tailbone Hurts! in which she offers a brief discussion of the anatomy that can play a part in tailbone pain, and the ways physical therapy – specifically pelvic floor physical therapy – can help. (Hint: It’s not only the tailbone that needs treating!)

As a companion to that video, Debbie’s brief eBook is intended to provide specific, practical and actionable suggestions in response to some common follow-up questions:

  • How, specifically, can I go about finding a pelvic floor physical therapist (PFPT)?
  • What can I expect during my evaluation and treatment?
  • Is there anything I can do to ease the pain while I work on finding a therapist?

If you felt relieved to finally hear a description of the source of your pain that makes sense when you watched the Help! My Tailbone Hurts! video, but would like more help in figuring out what next steps to take, this brief eBook is for you. The content of this book bridges the gap between the education provided in the video, and the start of your treatment with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist (PFPT).

Follow this link to get your book!

See Debbie’s video message about the book below:

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