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I am someone who has tried everything and spent countless dollars to try to get rid of my chronic headaches and migraines. By 30 years old I felt like I had tried just about everything- acupuncture, Chinese herbalists, naturopaths, neurologists, MRI’s, CAT scans, yoga, meditation, and after all this I was beginning to lose hope for myself. My body was truly malfunctioning and I couldn’t carry anything without triggering muscle spasms followed by a migraine. For the most part I adjusted my life around my limitations, but when I had a baby it became too heartbreaking for me not to be able to carry her without experiencing pain. Three months postpartum I found Debbie through a series of serendipitous phone calls. In the days before my appointment I was both hopeful and depressed. I so much wanted to find the solution to my pain, but if Debbie couldn’t help me I felt resigned to accept myself as someone who was going to live with chronic pain and extreme limitations. As I walked to my first appointment I was experiencing head and neck pain just from carrying my nearly empty purse, and that was typical. As it turned out an old break of my tailbone was largely to blame. Debbie specializes in tailbone injuries and she was able to adjust it as well as perform CranioSacral therapy. I’ve only seen her three times to date, but I have been able to carry my daughter more than ever before and I have only Debbie to thank for it. I haven’t had a headache or migraine since my first appointment and I am more hopeful about the state of my health than I have been in 10 years. Beyond all of that Debbie is a truly likable person, and I so enjoy seeing her for each of my visits. I immediately had the reassuring sense that she wanted nothing more than to see me get better, and she would be straight up with me if she were not able to help me get there. I think she is just as excited as I am every time I come in with good news about my migraine free days and my increased ability to function normally.
Christine C., New York, NY
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done! When I first came to you with my problem, I was having daily headaches that left me in so much pain that not even Vicodin was easing the excruciating ache. I couldn’t see clearly and my head hurt to the point that doing daily functions was sometimes more than a little challenging. I’m a guy and I normally just tend to ignore pain and keep going, so the idea of going to “alternative” healing measures was a little strange to me…not what I naturally gravitate to. But, there comes a point in a person’s life when they’re willing to try just about anything to get rid of the pain. I got on your table with no small amount of skepticism. Imagine my surprise when, after our very first meeting, my headaches not only lessened but, went away entirely for a complete month! Now after just a few visits I can safely say that I have not had a headache in about 3 months. I cannot tell you what a huge relief that is! I so appreciate your knowledge, your professionalism, your kindness, your understanding of mind and body, your grace, and your gentle and calming spirit. You were 100% professional and 100% personable. I can guarantee that if I am ever in need again, you are the very first person on my list to call. Thank you again!
Caleb W., New York, NY

Tailbone Pain

If you are suffering from tail bone pain you must go see Debbie! The environment is comfortable yet professional. She walked me through the entire procedure, and made me feel as relaxed as possible. She came across very intelligent, an expert in her field! She knew exactly what she was doing, I sensed no doubts from her at all. I felt very comfortable and trusted her with my health care . I highly recommend going to see her!
Lindsey K., New York, NY

Digestive Discomfort

I first started seeing Debbie for a distressing digestion issue that was not being resolved with prescribed medication from my doctor. Over a series of sessions, my symptoms of upper gastrointestinal discomfort and burning were relieved. More importantly, Debbie helped create a relaxed and peaceful space for me that lasted long after our sessions were over. Her healing hands were essential to this remarkable experience, but that is only part of her gift. She is intuitive, focused, wise, compassionate and present. She has an extensive knowledge and understanding of the human body, which supports her masterful work. I am certain that anyone who works with her will discover the same renewed sense of confidence and well-being that I have. What else can I say? Debbie is simply the best!
Lesley M., New York, NY

Sinus Problems

I first met Debbie as my Physical Therapist. I’m proud to say that I have 100% mobility in my right ankle, due in large part, to her. Because of my confidence in her ability, when I was feeling poorly after several rounds of antibiotics for pneumonia and sinus infections, I called for CranioSacral work. The symptoms (persistent low grade fever for 3 months, malaise, weight gain) all left after a couple of sessions with Debbie. I slept better after my sessions with her, I felt at ease and happy again. How this works, I actually don’t care as long as I have Debbie to maintain my body’s balance and harmony. I truly believe that everyone has gifts and abilities to share with the world, and I’m so glad Debbie shares her talent with us.
Maureen R., New York, NY

Back Pain

II am a very active person, I play the drums and do a lot of cardio and intense Vinyasa Yoga. While this keeps me extremely fit, the constant activity has also led to back and leg pain, to accompany my chronic bad sinuses and migraines. I didn’t know much about CranioSacral therapy, but I was encouraged to try it by a friend and fellow Yogi. After my first session I found, in addition to feeling very relaxed and peaceful, that my back and hamstrings felt much better, and I can’t remember the last time I had a migraine! Thank you so much, I look forward to making CranioSacral a regular part of my wellness regimen.
Jim C., New York, NY